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Natural mosquito repellent 
incense sticks

Plant based, made without toxic chemicals, child and pet safe


Relish every moment outside!

We believe that nature is the true source of our health and wellbeing.


We are inspired by the ancient Indian principle of Ayurveda.
A healing system that derives from nature and the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Our products are based
on Ayurveda
  • Contain no deet or petroleum wax
  • Are safe for pets and children

  • Are environment friendly

  • Have a refreshing aroma

Created using high quality, sustainably sourced, plant based ingredients, our natural mosquito repellant incense sticks:
Meet our founder, Vasudha!
Vasudha, who is also a mom and pet owner, developed a passion for Ayurveda while growing up in India. Her goal to empower people in living a healthy, balanced life and love for the outdoors inspired her to create a natural mosquito repellant.
Follow these simple steps to effectively use our mosquito repellant incense sticks
Step 1
For optimal results, light  the sticks outdoors 10 to 15 minutes prior to use
Step 2
Light end of stick, and let it burn for 10 to 15 seconds, then extinguish
Step 3
Place stick into the ground, or a flower pot full of sand or soil

I am sensitive to artificial aromas and synthetic perfumes. This one definitely was all pure essential oils- it smelled so beautiful in my yard and for the first time I could walk without getting bitten and without having to take any anti-histamine afterwards. In fact the next day too I could smell traces of it around the corner where it was lit. I will definitely buy again not just for myself, but also for friends and family. Thank you for making this product so affordable and such great quality!

— Anon

We bought the citronella and the lemongrass scent mosquito repellant incense sticks and used some and gifted some to family in Mississippi, and friends who own a riverfront property and we all enjoyed the product and have reordered.  You light the MosquitoBoff stick as you would incense and it gently inners a smoke that repels mosquitos effectively and has a pleasant scent; we especially love the lemongrass variety.

— Brandon and Claire Clark

Lovely lemongrass fragrance and kept the mosquitoes away while we enjoyed our July 4th cookout! Will definitely purchase them again!


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