All-natural mosquito repellent incense sticks for all of your outdoor adventures. Only all-natural ingredients and products!

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Citronella Mosquito Sticks


Lemongrass Mosquito Sticks



Hello there! My name is Vasudha and I am the owner and founder of mosquito-B-off. My mission in life is to support healthy living and I encourage you to strive for a clean, natural, simple and balanced lifestyle. In my effort to promote healthy living and my love for the outdoors, I created a nice smelling mosquito incense stick that would not expose us to chemicals and is also safe around kids and pets.

mosquito-B-off is popular amongst natural and simple living communities because our incense sticks are:

  • Fiercely effective 

  • Safe around pets and children

  • Made from all-natural ingredients: essential oils, woods and resin

  • Free of artificial chemicals, scents, and colors

  • Available in two scents: citronella and lemon grass


It is not that hard to reduce your toxic exposure. Come join me in creating and living a healthy life!

Get to know the story behind mosquito-b-off!

The Story Behind mosquito-b-off



"I am sensitive to artificial aromas and synthetic perfumes. This one definitely was all pure essential oils- it smelled so beautiful in my yard and for the first time I could walk without getting bitten and without having to take any anti-histamine afterwards. In fact the next day too I could smell traces of it around the corner where it was lit. And no bites either on the next day, when I went out for a little bit. Usually I will get bitten and form big bubbles on my skin. 5 star product. Will definitely buy again not just for myself, but also for friends and family. Thank you for making this product so affordable and such great Quality!! I am hoping to find a way to use this indoors as well :)"


Verified Amazon Purchase

"Lovely lemongrass fragrance and kept the mosquitoes away while we enjoyed our July 4th cookout! Will definitely purchase them again!"


Verified Amazon Purchase

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any product, or if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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